Customized Soil ecosystem results and solutions for your landscape

Healthy plants start with healthy soil. Take the mystery out of growing by assessing and addressing needs no matter where you are in the planting process. Whether you are just looking for a simple pH and macronutrient test or want an in-depth look at the beneficial microbes present in your unique ecosystem, Microbia offers a package for all budgets and experience levels.

Curious about the contents of your compost? Microbia labs also offers testing to ensure the presence of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, and fungi.

how the process works

-Answer a few questions on form.
-Print off your mailing label (or label sticker for drop off options)
-Follow the directions on how to collect your soil sample.
-Ship your soil sample. (overnight shipping using FedEx ONLY)

Quality Soil Chemistry and Microbiome Analysis

Soil Chemistry

pH, macro, and micronutrient testing.

Soil Biology Assessments

Find out which microbes are present in your unique soil ecosystem.

Free Follow Up Call

We will review your results with you and help you understand recommendations.

experience meets expertise

Upon completion, results are emailed to you directly in an easy to read format that clearly shows you what your soil has and what it could stand to have a little more of.

All services include a free follow up phone call to help you fully understand your results and recommendations.

In need of more help? Amendment consultation is available specific to the desired crop or landscape you are hoping to achieve.

Microbia labs will help you get the most of our your ecosystem by working with it, not against it!


Not sure which test is right for you?